Timing Your Practice Marketing – When is the right time?

Timing Your Practice Marketing - when is the right time_ - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

Spoiler alert – this blog post is not for the control freaks amongst you!


Timing your practice marketing can be everything. Launching a campaign talking about mental health management, to coincide with mental health awareness week, or publishing a blog all about metatarsal fractures the week a famous sports personality fractures a metatarsal, would both be great timing in terms of the increased publicity you’d get. One could be beautifully planned and orchestrated, the other would be just pure luck.


So yes in marketing you can give yourself every opportunity to raise your profile, get more local coverage & reach the eyes & ears of more potential patients with some meticulous timing & awesome delivery.
But equally you might just strike lucky with the timing of some element of your marketing.


On the flip side you might plan some marketing around preventing DVTs on long haul flights the same week that the French air traffic control go out on strike & there is a drone on the loose over Gatwick grinding the airport to a stand still. Both rendering your flight orientated bit of marketing a bit redundant.


That said there are things you can do to help your marketing be more effective when it comes to timing so lets talk about timing your practice marketing & what you can & can’t control.

Timing Your Practice Marketing

So there you have it. Timing your practice marketing can be managed internally but it can also be ruined by external forces you can’t control.


You can do your best to plan and schedule some really great marketing to get you the maximum coverage & interest in your message. But equally you might just strike lucky with a gold dust piece of marketing or a huge piece of world news could render your efforts totally useless in the face of mass media coverage of something else.


There is no such thing as the perfect time. There are external factors at play that you just can’t control. All you can do is plan for the optimum timing. If it works, awesome, but if it doesn’t you can regroup and try again another time.


I for one am going to be going running & walking in the early morning for the foreseeable future so that I can make the most of the cool mornings.


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