Your New Patient First Appointment – How do you WOW?

Your New Patient First Appointment - How do you wow - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

You get one opportunity to make a first impression and your new patient first appointment is that opportunity. Your new patients are only going to be new patients once, after that they are returning patients (you hope).

To make the best possible first impression & wow your new patients, you need to think deliberately about the experience you want them to have, because every step of that patient experience matters.


“First impressions are important.

While a book should not be judged by it’s cover, many people are unlikely to read it if the cover is not inviting.”


A whole heap of little things get added together to give your new patient their over all impression of you and your practice. 


  • How easy it was to get an appointment, how easy it was to find, how easy it was to park.


  • How the practice looks, how it smells, how it feels.


  • How the members of your team engage with them & how they engage with each other.


There are 100’s of different factors.


Practices are usually pretty proactive about cleaning, decorating & generally looking after their premises. They usually make an effort to look smart and be professional. They are often on the ball when it comes to explaining their cancellation policy and rebooking process.


BUT where so many practices fall in the first impression stakes, is that they do not have a new patient first appointment “induction process” that they consistently take every single new patient through.

A big part of the impact their first appointment can have on them is how you interact and engage with them and that can really make or break any chance you have of a long term relationship. 


Leave nothing to chance !

Choreographing Your New Patient First Appointment

My recommendation is that you break your new patient first appointment induction down into 5 stages, that you choreograph carefully. Those 5 stages occur before, during & after every new patient first appointment.

For each stage you create a process, a fixed process, that every new patient is guided through in order for them to have a brilliant first experience and develop a positive first impression of you and your practice.

Let me tell you about the my first experience at an appointment at a new practice today.



Following up after a first appointment is the 5th stage. Now as I only had my appointment this morning, I’m not sure yet how that is going to go, however I am hoping that it will involve a phone call, text message or an e-mail checking that I am OK, that I had no adverse side effects of the treatment, that I am happy with the outcome and inviting me to make contact should I have any questions or concerns.

– But I’ll keep you posted.


So now I want to ask you what is currently your new patient first appointment experience:

  • Before they come for their first appointment?
  • As they arrive?
  • When they transfer between reception & clinician?
  • As you complete the appointment?
  • When you follow up with them afterwards (because you do follow up with every new patient, don’t you?)?


Do you have a set process for any, some or all of those? Where you have gaps I want to urge you to consider developing a process, testing it out using role play, training your team & then implementing it once everyone is confident and clear on what is required from them and when.


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    Reply Reply March 5, 2019

    you need to add the action point/instruction above the video, “let me tell you about my experience, click on the video link below to view”

    I didnt see the arrow, I just saw picture of chairs, I didnt initially realise it was a link to the video.
    I cant watch a video because everyone else is asleep and my headphones are in another room, so if you say, you can view the captions if you cant listen…that takes me by the hand in the process. Hope that helps.
    Di xxx

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