How to Measure Social Media ROI in Your Practice (without hi-tech systems)

How to Measure Social Media ROI in Your Practice

Social media marketing is such a big part of the marketing mix for every healthcare practice (or at least it should be). Yet very few practices that I talk to are actively measuring the impact they are having with the effort they are putting in.

The reason for many is that they don’t know how to do it, or the answers they find on Google feel to fit quite securely in the too difficult box. 


Measuring Social Media ROI

Accurately measuring the return on investment you are getting for the time, effort & money you are putting is a very complex process requires some equally complex software wizardry. There are some fantastic software tools out there that will give you amazing and detailed metrics to help you chart your results & help you in your development process. 


Systems like Sprout Social, HubSpot & Sem Rush provide brilliant analytics that help you track all sorts of engagement, hashtags, trends, influencers and key words. It’s incredible the data these tools can provide for you. However for many small local healthcare practices, these great systems throw up three different problems.

They can :

  • be too costly for some practices to be easily supported by current cashflow
  • be too techie to be easily understood & used effectively
  • provide such detailed data that interpreting it can be overwhelming

So for many healthcare practices this results in them just putting their head in the proverbial social media sand and ignoring the fact that they should be figuring out how to measure social media ROI in their business.

Social Media Marketing – What do you want to achieve?

Firstly I want to be clear on what it is you are looking to achieve by being active and creative on social media. While I would absolutely encourage you to set your own goals & key objectives, I think there is one main business purpose behind using social media as part of your practice marketing.

You will see words banded around (including by me) in connection with social media activity like, relationship building, building your fame, awareness building, growing your know like trust etc.

These are individual ways in which social media can help you in your practice, but all of these together are working towards one thing. I believe that all of these are helping you generate leads.

For some this feels a bit hard nosed & salesy, but it’s the truth. The reason you want to be using social media is all of the things I mentioned above, but they are all ultimately focussed on generating leads.

What do I mean by generating leads?

When I say generating leads, I mean that social media is connecting you with people, who will over time (if they, or a member of their family needs your services) start to see the value of what you offer and eventually will reach out to you for more information, to sign up for an event or to enquire about a special promotion. In other words your social media activity should be educating, entertaining & engaging people (your dream patients) so that they reach the point that they feel confident enough to get in touch.

Once they get in touch they are a lovely warm lead & it is then your job through other systems in your business to convert them into paying patients.

Roughly measuring a trend is NOT the same as accurate detailed data

So when it comes to measuring the return on investment of your social media activity, yes absolutely there are a lot of technical tools that can accurately pinpoint the exact impact from your social media activity. Using such detailed data will make your social media marketing more efficient & impactful, which is the best way to measure your ROI. However if you are not yet operating in a world where you can use the services of these amazing software companies, what can you do to help you measure the ROI of your social media activity?

Measure Your New Leads

In simple terms you need to start monitoring the number of new leads coming into your practice. In this video I am going to explain 8 simple measures you can collate every month to help you. Now whilst they won’t give you detailed data, they will show you an overall shift in the trend of new leads coming into your practice. Please don’t interpret this as me saying this is a replacement for detailed accurate data, it isn’t. But what it is, is a big step up from doing nothing to measure the impact that your social media activity is having in your practice.


OK so hopefully that helps you see what you could be doing in your practice to help you measure the ROI of your social media marketing.



As well as appreciating that this is better than doing nothing but by no means a direct replacement for detailed analytics, I also want you to be clear that this shift in the numbers of new leads coming into your practice is not necessarily a clean movement caused by social media activity. If you are also very active offline in your local area, are proactively engaging with local referrers or running Facebook or Google ad campaigns for example, these are going to be having an impact too and isolating the ROI of just your social media from everything else is going to be impossible (unless you are using specific promotional codes inside your posts).

BUT the purpose of this post is to get you thinking about measuring the impact of what you are doing and hopefully for those practices currently doing nothing, it will be the nudge you need to start measuring something rather than nothing.


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