Local Business Marketing – My 8 top tips (To get your healthcare business noticed)

Local business marketing is something that so many practitioners are moving down their todo list. Instead they are getting caught up in the global strategy of social media and digital marketing. Yes you can use those tools BUT you need to stay focussed on local. The strategies you see BIG international names using are not the strategies you need to be using.

But before I get stuck into sharing my to 8 local business marketing tips with you, I need you to do some prep work first, otherwise the tips won’t work. So here we go with prep work part 1.


Local Business Marketing = Local Fame

At the end of the day you are (at least most healthcare practices are) a local business, and that requires you to really focus on building your local fame. Your marketing objective is to be so famous locally for the thing you do and / or the way you do it, that coming to you is a no brainer for any dream patients living in your local area.

Local fame as a healthcare practitioner is all about what I call knowing the conversation you want to own. What I mean by that is, if some local people are having a conversation about X and X is the thing you are great at helping with, then your name comes up naturally as the answer to that problem, because you are known locally for that thing. 

Just being known locally as a physiotherapist or osteopath is not enough, that is too generic & really tricky to market. You need to hit on something more specific. Something that you are really good at, something that you get great results with, something you love doing & something that enough people feel is their problem.


Local Business Marketing – Get Laser Focussed


So the first step of beefing up your local business marketing is knowing exactly what you want to be famous for.


“What local conversation do you want to own ?”


The other point I want to make here is that that thing, does not have to be anything to do with a treatment. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be.


Maybe you are great at treating children, are good with patients with needle phobias or maybe your practice is the coolest place to hang out in town with wifi & great coffee. Maybe you offer evening & weekend appointment or you do online consultations, maybe you have really easy access for wheelchairs & pushchairs (I’ve discovered these are also call strollers #lifeinAustralia) or maybe you are fluent with sign language so can treat patients with hearing impairments really easily without the need for a signer to be present.

So it could be any of those things in isolation or in combination with a specific therapy or pathology.


Your thing could be     Physiotherapy      Shoulders   +  Great coffee thrown in as a bonus that really appeals to your dream patients.


What ever it is I want to encourage you to go away and spend some time really getting laser focussed and figuring that out, because what comes next will spin out from that.



Local Business Marketing Requires a Clear Core Message

Generic marketing along the lines of 

“Hey did you know I’m a local physiotherapist ?” 


is going to do very little to make you stand out from the crowd & is actually only really going to raise the profile of your profession locally, but your job remember, is for you to be famous for what you do.

For more information on How Generic Healthcare Marketing Works to Promote Your Competitors you could read this blog I wrote.


So back to your marketing. Once you know what it is you want to be famous for, you need to build that into a sharp succinct phrase that you can use over & over again in your marketing. In marketing terms, a strap line.

So Step 2 is to create that strap line because that is what you are going to need to use to get your message across locally.


OK so that is the prep work you need to do, now we can get down to our . . . . .


Local Business Marketing – 8 top tips to get you noticed

So as my little Christmas gift to you here are my top 8 local marketing tips to help you stand out on & offline.


OK so there you have it my top 8 local business marketing tips to make you stand out.
BUT remember thy are only going to work if you do them in conjunction with the two steps of pre work.

So I hope you found that useful & I look forward to seeing your local fame sky rocket! 


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