Healthcare Practice Blogging – the basics

Healthcare Practice Blogging - the basics

Healthcare Practice Blogging – the basics

In the words of Julie Andrews

“Let’s start at the very beginning

It’s a very good place to start . . . .”

If you are new to blogging, then a very good place to star is with understanding what the heck a blog is.
So here goes.

Healthcare practice blogging - set yourself up for success - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing BlogWhat the Heck is a Blog ?

A blog is simply an area of your website given over to publishing short articles.

Like your very own digital magazine.

It’s a fantastic place where you can share your expertise, review products, tell success stories, provide industry updates, share your practice news, showcase a specialism, bust healthcare myths, give your opinion, teach exercises, tell your back story and many other things.

Having a blog enables you to build a catalogue or digital resource of all sorts of useful content that you can use in so many different ways to grow your business and better serve your patients.

WARNING – Healthcare practice blogging is very much about quality not quantity. Posting new content consistently is important but it does not have to be every day or even every week. That said consistently posting any old rubbish that you rattled off just because is was the first Monday in the month is really not going to cut the mustard either. Blogging needs to be something you do with the intention of really helping your target audience. We are after consistent quality, just not necessarily frequent. Blogging professionals are often turning out a blog post a day. I would suggest starting with one a month and see how you go from there.


How is Healthcare Blogging Going to Help Your Practice?

Having a blog on your website can help you in a lot of different ways & I’ll do a full blog post on this next week, but just while I get that written & linked to here, here are a few ways healthcare blogging is going to help you in a number of different areas of your marketing:

  1. Having a blog is going to give you lots of fresh content to share on social media so will increase the quality of your social media engagement
  2. Through sharing your blog posts in lots of different ways, you are going to drive traffic to your website. Driving new and returning visitors to your website can really help your Google search rankings
  3. By creating blog posts that showcase your expertise and the results you get for your patients, you are going to grow your credibility as a practitioner. Over time you can become the “go to” person in your area for the thing you do
  4. Having a back catalogue of instructional blog posts is going to help you improve your patient care because you can direct patients to post op care, exercise routines, self-help information, anything really that previously you would have described verbally or given them a printed sheet on. Now they can go away & read & learn & revisit in their own time
  5. Blogging is also going to help you raise your local profile as you will be able to share some of your blog posts with potential referrers who will find them useful or informative. Showcasing your expertise to potential & existing local referrers will help spread the word locally about what it is you can do
  6. Sharing your blog posts on & off line will also raise the profile & the understanding of your profession locally. Many members of the general public are unsure what certain healthcare professionals actually do and how they could help them. By blogging regularly you will help the process of educating the public about your profession

There are more ways a blog can help you & your business but hopefully this has given you enough ideas to have got you excited about the possibilities.

Preparing to Blog

Once you have an area of your website set up as a blog (get some expert help to do this), creating each post is relatively easy, but to improve your chances of success there is some preparation you need to do first.

Once you have done your preparation it’s time to get stuck in and start blogging. It takes some time & effort to get into the swing of it but once you have done your first five or six posts you’ll start to get a system going that will mean you get faster and more efficient at producing each post.

So hopefully that gives you some insight into the basics of healthcare blogging, and possibly some encouragement to give it a go.

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