Healthcare Practice Blogging – 6 ways to boost your marketing

Healthcare Practice Blogging - 6 ways to boost your practice marketing - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

Healthcare practice blogging - 6 ways to boost your marketing - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing BlogI see so many healthcare practice websites that don’t have a blog set up as part of the structure and a blog can be a really powerful way to boost your practice marketing.

If at this point you are asking “Jill what the heck is a blog anyway” you need to head over here first to read last months blog post

Practice Blogging – the basics

Where I go through a novice level guide to get you up to speed.

If you are happy with the concept of a blog but are not sure how having one is really going to benefit you and your practice you are in the right place.

Blogging Requires Commitment & Work

I won’t deny it, having a blog that works well for you does time time and effort. It requires you to create fresh content on a consistent basis. You don’t have to be crazily prolific, but you do need to be consistent. That requires planning & discipline, which don’t always come naturally to a lot of people.

That said having a blog can be incredibly beneficial in a lot of different ways & that is what I want to explain in this video.

Healthcare Practice Blogging – 6 ways to boost your marketing


OK so hopefully that has helped you see just how having a blog on your website & committing to producing fresh content for it on a regular basis can really serve you well and help you boost your marketing efforts as well as improving your patient care.


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