Have You Fallen out of Love With Your Healthcare Practice ?

Have You Fallen Out of Love With Your Healthcare Practice - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

Many clients that I work with tell me that they have “fallen out of love” with their practice. It’s so common, so if that’s how you’re feeling, do not feel bad, you are not alone, and as I often say “this is not a permanent state”. 

Clients tell me they aren’t feeling the love because:

  • It feels like their practice is running them and not the other way round.
  • They feel they are bending over backwards to accommodate other people but that in their hearts they want to be doing things in their business their way.
  • It just doesn’t feel like their practice.

Are you being the leader visionary you need to be in your practice?Once we start to dig a little bit deeper two things often start to become evident:

  1. They have no vision for their business, or it has become faded with time
  2. They are not demonstrating leadership in the business


Without one or both of these you are going to be working in a business that feels to be drifting, instead of building something you love & serves you.

So in this weeks blog I want to shine a light on both of these things to possibly help you see where you might have taken your hand off the tiller of your business and / or abdicated responsibility for being the captain of your ship (sailing analogies abound). This might help you see why you may have fallen out of love with your practice.



I hope that that has given you some food for thought & some ideas for identifying why you might have fallen out of love with your practice or be feeling like it is running you.

But I also hope you can take that new insight and use it to help propel you and your practice forward with a very clear & confident captain at the helm.

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