Generic Healthcare Marketing – How it works (to promote your competitors)

Generic Healthcare Marketing - How it works to promote your competitors - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

There is a lot of generic healthcare marketing out there. You know the kind of things I mean, a website or social media profile full of stock photos, local adverts that just promote opening times & available services. A business card with a name, list of qualifications and a phone number, or a social media profile just pushing out “we have appointments available today” type posts. All totally lacking in personality, not demonstrating any real caring and lacking in any attempt to build relationships


I understand why people do their marketing that way. They do it because it’s easy and because they believe that’s the way to market healthcare practices. Now don’t get me wrong, it does raise awareness of the availability of physiotherapy or podiatry for example in the local area, but it does very little to promote that specific practice, the people in it, their expertise, or to build some human connection with total strangers.


Ultimately that is what your marketing needs to be doing for you.

So let’s look at this in a bit more detail.


Your Generic Healthcare Marketing – How it is helping promote your competitors



I hope that has made you take a fresh look at the marketing you are currently doing and evaluate whether it is helping you attract potential patients to you and build relationships with them, or just promoting your profession & the work of your competitors.

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