Productivity Hacks – 5 lessons learnt (from Moving to Australia)

Productivity hacks are all the rage

Time feels like it’s getting more and more precious, yet good productivity is the nemesis of so many healthcare practitioners.

I know this because so many of them tell me they struggle to fit everything they need to do for their practice into their day. 


Too much to do & too little time to do it in


If that’s you please read on.


Productivity Hacks – I Can’t believe I didn’t know this

There are productivity hacks all over the internet, I’ve got books on the subject by the dozen, and yet I have reached this stage in life without really being able to master my productivity.


I know many people think I totally have my shizzle together (it amazes me how many people tell me I’m so organised!) but the honest truth is that I am not the most organised of people – just ask my husband 😆. I get very easily distracted by a new exciting idea or something that looks more fun, and before I know it I have totally forgotten what the thing was I was supposed to be focussing on and I’m off down a rabbit hole.


That said even I (at my age) have surprised myself that I never figured this productivity hacks thing out before now!


Between Friday October 26th and Friday 16th November my husband and I were deep in the process of relocating from Nottingham in the UK to Canberra in Australia. Those few weeks during our relocation have been a bit of a revelation to me in terms of what it is actually possible to achieve in a short time. I have learnt a productivity process that may be very obvious to some of you but to others, like me who are not naturally organised, has been a great lesson to learn.


From it I think (the proof will be in the pudding) I have figured out a process for mastering productivity, which I want to share with you.

Click play & all will be revealed.



So there you have it, the 5 productivity hacks I learnt from our move to Australia :

  1. Have one crystal clear goal & stay focussed on that one thing
  2. Break your goal down into clear categories of activity
  3. Create a comprehensive task list for each category
  4. Identify the key tasks that need to happen first
  5. Take focussed action


As with most things we cover inside Practice Momentum there is a role for a shift in mindset too, so just for readers of my blog, I’m including two bonus productivity hacks too.


Fill Your Boots !




Productivity Hack No1. – I Don’t Have Time for That

Certainly one of the things I hear a lot of, is that people don’t have time to do their marketing, don’t have time for social media, don’t have time to write or record a blog, or so many other things we need to be doing as business owners that we don’t have time for.


Something I’ve always said and still stand by is that we all have the same 24 hours in a day.

What we do with those 24 hours is our choice. So if we are not achieving the things we want in life it is often down the choices we are making about what we do with our time.

  • Albert Einstein
  • Mother Teresa
  • Richard Branson
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Martin Luther King
  • Marie Stopes

All these people have had a big impact in the world.

They all had the same 24 hours in a day.

It was the choices they made about what they did with that time that undoubtedly played a big part in the impact they have had.


So here is your bonus productivity hack number 1.

Next time you find yourself about to say “I haven’t got time for . . . ” change the words you are about to use and say

“I am choosing not to make time for that”

How does that feel?

It will make you far aware of the choices you are making & the number of times you are choosing one thing over another.


Productivity Hack No. 2 – Things I Have to do

Often when you question people about the “choices” they make about what they do with their time, so many say something along the lines of “It’s difficult for me I have commitments, things I have to do.”

The hard truth is that in life there are very few things we absolutely have to do.


THERE ARE CHOICES & CONSEQUENCES but very few things we absolutely have to do.


You don’t have to go to work to a job you hate to pay your mortgage – you could quit your job, default on your payments & get your home repossessed and become homeless.
You are choosing to go to work to avoid the consequences of not paying back your debt.


Productivity & the outcomes we get are down to the choices we make and the choices we make are down to the priorities we set ourselves and those priorities are often connected to consequences both positive & negative. So getting more done with your 24 hours or getting different results is down to the priorities you set (your goals) and the action you take (your to do list).


So here is your bonus productivity hack number 2.

To remind yourself that there are always other ways or options, the next time you are explaining why you haven’t done one thing over another try saying

“I am choosing to do X over Y because . . . .”


How does that feel?

If nothing else it will get you really focussed on what it is you want to achieve.


To help you pull this all together & give you a bit more support & guidance I’ve put together this Productivity Hack Template. It’s a little present from me to you ❤️


Your FREE Productivity Hacks Template


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