Digital Marketing Quality Control – 4 quality indicators (to help you stand out)

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Digital marketing quality control is something that an awful lot of small business owners, including healthcare practices do not give much thought to or dedicate much time to. With digital marketing, the quantity V’s quality debate comes up quite a bit and this is what I want to address in this blog. 

How can you focus on quality so that you stand out in a very noisy crowded online world?

It’s a jungle out there, with SOOOOO much content on the Internet.
So how the heck do you stand out from the white noise being created by a tidal wave of other peoples content?

There are 100’s of 1,000’s of healthcare practices round the world all churning out digital content every day in an attempt to stand out from their competitors. To do it they produce 1,000,000’s of pieces of content between them, a majority of which are lacking in originality and just plain boring, and really just add to the white noise online.


Digital Marketing Quantity V's Quality - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog (2)Producing huge quantities of digital marketing content in the form of social media posts, blogs, audio recordings, images, memes, videos etc. is one way of standing out. Doing that though takes a HUGE AMOUNT of resources, that you probably don’t have. Even a lot of content if it’s ineffective, does very little to differentiate you from other practices, or help you build genuine connections with your potential patients.

In fact sometimes too much is exactly that !


Digital Marketing – Who are you competing with?

Let’s just get really clear on one thing before I share my thoughts on the quantity V’s quality debate.

I want to really emphasise the point here that


what you need to achieve

is fame in your local area

& to stand out in the eyes of your dream patients.


You absolutely DO NOT NEED to be out gunning every other physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy, osteopathy, chiropractic or sports therapy practice on the planet.




I just want you to let that sink in for a few moments before you press play.


In healthcare practice the battle field is LOCAL not national or international


You absolutely do not need to be wasting time, energy & money trying to out market a big hitting, big budget practice on the other side of the world.

Got it?
You just need to do what it takes to pop up on the radar & connect with your local dream patients – that’s it!


OK you have my permission to press play now.



OK there you have it my thoughts on not playing the quantity game and instead focusing on creating content that ticks all 4 of the quality Indicators we covered in the video.


Digital Marketing – What next?

OK so now it’s over to you.


You need to take a good hard look at the content that you are putting out online and ask yourself two questions.


1. Am I targeting my local audience or am I being generic & trying to compete globally?

2. Am I creating quality content every time that ticks the 4 quality indicator boxes.

If your social media and other digital marketing is not working to attract more of  your dream patients, there is a really good chance that you’re not ticking the local and quality boxes.

Asking those questions will take some soul searching and personal honesty, but the answer you get should give you a steer as to what you need to do over the next few weeks and months to start creating your local fame more effectively using your digital marketing.


OK that’s it for today.

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by my health practice marketing blog today. Please share your thoughts & feelings in the comments at the end of this page. Also let me know what you are going to do to up your digital marketing as a result of seeing this.

I’d love to hear from you.

Oh and please use the social share buttons if you think other people you know might benefit from seeing this too.

Until next time

Thank you

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  • Nicki

    Reply Reply December 11, 2018

    Really great and timely video, thank you so much. Been thinking through all this recently and although I find twitter and fb stressful and so got someone to do it for me for a couple of months, I’ve felt it kind of pointless… i just stopped them earlier today.

    I need to do it because I know what I want patients to see, and I need to plan a bit of time out to plan it and schedule it in so I don’t have to look at fb anymore. My husband even says it’s only our friends and other pods who see my posts, but as you say, if it’s quality, then they will share it too.

    And I really must copy these to my google posts. Because ultimately, that’s where people are looking.

    • Jill Woods

      Reply Reply January 10, 2019

      Oh Totally Nicki.
      The thing is posting things on Facebook & other social platforms isn’t enough you need to have a strategy behind it. What are you wanting to achieve and therefore what exactly do you need to write about & do to achieve that.
      Do let me know if there are specific things that are stumping you with your marketing & I’ll be happy to write a blog post to help you.

      Jill W

  • Summer Khan-Juma

    Reply Reply December 13, 2018

    Thank you Jill, really helpful. I’m rubbish at online and marketing stuff so I really learnt some new things. I’m trying to set up a pod clinic in Oman. I started the process sept 2017 and it’s still ongoing. I missed you when you visited last year, if you remember. Hope you will visit again!
    Thanks again

    • Jill Woods

      Reply Reply January 10, 2019

      Hi Summer – I’m so sorry for being so slow to get back to you. I’m getting a lot of spam comments and the genuine ones are getting lost in the mix.
      I’m glad you found the blog useful.
      I’m sooo sorry I missed you last year. It would have been great to meet up. Our friends are still in Oman but I’m not sure for how much longer. If we are over there again I will definitely get in touch.
      Do let me know if you have anything specific that is causing you trouble with your marketing. I can always do a blog post just for you.

      Jill W

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