How to Create a Business Vision- for your healthcare practice (in 4 simple steps)

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A Business Vision is something that a surprising number of healthcare practices don’t have. Many have goals or targets for the year or even a plan, but few have a crystal clear vision for what they want their practice to BE like, not just achieve.

I’ve written this blog & created a free practice vision creation tool to help you create your own exciting & inspiring vision for next year. Read on to find out why they are so important or scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to get your hands on your free download straight away.

Business Vision vs Business Goals

So what’s the difference?

Business Goals & Targets

Goals and targets tend to be numbers driven; it makes them easier to track and measure success or failure.

Whether that’s new patient numbers, profit margins, turn over, patient retention rates, staff turnover or product sales. Numbers can certainly guide your focus and behaviour, but your business is so much more than just the numbers, certainly in healthcare.

Your business is made up of people, ethics, values, culture, new ideas, success stories, a community and emotions. These are such a big integral part of business success and yet I have never seen a formal business plan that covers these elements! 


Business Vision

So yes, your goals or targets are all part of what you want to achieve for the year, but a vision gives you a much more holistic picture of what you want your practice to BE like.

A vision describes things like :

  • the kind of patients you are seeing
  • the pathologies you are treating
  • the environment you are working in
  • the equipment you are using
  • the feel of the practice
  • the ethics & values by which you work
  • the smell of the practice
  • the colours and textures within the practice
  • the hours you are working
  • the systems you are using
  • the processes you have developed
  • what your website looks like
  • how many people are connecting with you on social media
  • how your team works together
  • your communication preferences


I could go on but hopefully you get my gist. A vision is an all encompassing picture for exactly what your hopes & dreams are for you & your practice in 12 months, 3 or 5 years’ time.


A clear and honest vision forms such a strong foundation to guide you as you work through the year. Any business without one is going to be floundering before they start. Putting in lots of hard work and long hours is brilliant, providing that work is taking you where you want to go.


“Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.”

Kenichi Ohmae


Your Business Vision

A Clear Practice Vision - The sky is not the limit. The limit is your visionHaving a Business Vision is really going to help you achieve great things.

So I want to ask you a question.

“Do you know EXACTLY what you want 2019 to look & feel like inside your healthcare practice?”

Could you write it down in real detail if I asked you to?

If not I’m going to suggest that your vision is not clear enough to give you the guidance over the coming months that you will need to succeed.


The point I really want to make here is, throughout 2019 you are going to be working inside your practice, taking action every day to keep it ticking over & hopefully moving forwards. Surely putting that time & energy in without a clear vision or route ahead is just going to see you drifting along all over the place.

It would be like turning on the sat nav in your car but not putting the destination in, but still driving round for the 2 hours you knew the journey should take you. Who knows where you will end up, but there’s a 99% chance it won’t be where you really wanted to be.

So in your business why not put the same amount of work in but be heading towards your dream practice, building something you really want to be part of and you can be immensely proud of.


How Your Vision Will Help You

Taking the time to create a clear vision provides guided motivation to help keep you & your team on track and focussed on getting to where you want to be.


Having a clear vision, a picture in your mind’s eye of what you really want the next year in practice to be for you is going to help you:

  • Reach for what you really dream of achieving
  • Make the right decisions to move you forward
  • Communicate consistently
  • With your goal setting and planning
  • Stay the right course & not get distracted
  • Be much more likely to achieve your goals
  • Transform your practice
  • Keep taking consistent appropriate action
  • Recruit the right people & inspire them
  • Move towards what you want, rather than reacting against things you don’t
  • Communicate your core beliefs & values
  • Align your team with one shared focus


There is no point at all on putting in time and energy to creating a vision just because it feels like the thing to do. You must create your vision with the intention of using to guide you to your destination for 2019.

How to Create Your Business Vision – in 4 simple steps



Your Free Business Vision Creation Tool

OK so now it is your turn to get creative & start developing your vision for next year.

Here is your own copy of my hugely upgraded vision creation tool for 2019.

Simply click to access the document & download it from there.


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  • Gill Wells

    Reply Reply December 17, 2018

    Hi Jill the download link doesn’t seem to work. Please can you send it?
    Thanks, Gill

    • Jill Woods

      Reply Reply January 10, 2019

      Apologies Gill, you comment got lost in a sea of spam.
      Thanks for letting me know – The link is now fixed if you would still like the download.

      Jill W

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