Is it You Holding Your Practice Back ?

Is it you holding your practice back- Jill Woods Marketing (1)

I know what you are probably thinking, but please bare with me – I promise this is going to be worth your time. People pay me to help them find marketing solutions that will work for them & their practice, but 9 times out of 10 we end up working on something very different first.…

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How to Post on Facebook as Your Business Page

How to post on Facebook as your business page - Jill Woods Health Practice Marketing

I appreciate that Facebook can be a bit of a law unto itself, and navigating through the ever shifting sand of rules and regulations can be tricky. Knowing how to post on Facebook as your business page is one such thing that gives many health practitioners a bit of a headache. This blog post is…

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How to Add Clickable Hyperlinks to WordPress Blogs

Sometimes the simplest of things, when they are out of your comfort zone, can feel REALLY HARD & SCARY and I think knowing how to add clickable hyperlinks to WordPress blogs is one of those things. Because it feels really hard, it sits in the too difficult box for ages while you procrastinate about figuring it out, and…

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Leprosy & How it Could Help With Your Practice Marketing

World Leprosy Day

I’m guessing that up until this moment you had no awareness that Sunday the 29th of January is World Leprosy Day. Why would you? However there is something about Leprosy and World Leprosy Day that I want to share with you, that could help you when it comes to marketing your practice, both online or via your…

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How to Clear Head Space to Help You get Stuff Done

Create space quote

Being overwhelmed is a common feeling amongst health professionals who own their own practices. In this blog post I want to share a simple trick to help free head space so you can feel less overwhelm and get more stuff done.

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