Busting the Leprosy Myth – Body parts don’t fall off

WARNING Leprosy is not a pretty disease and this blog post contains images that some people may not want to view. Mention leprosy to large chunks of the worlds population and many of them will hold the belief that it is an extinct disease, something talked about in the Bible and a disease to be…

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Volunteering at a Leprosy Hospital – Introduction

I am now two weeks into my 5 weeks stay at Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital & Service Centre (LLH & SC) in Southern Nepal, so I thought it was time I started to document my experience. So for those people who like to get the full story, I thought I’d start with an introduction to the…

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The No 1. Success Factor in Healthcare Practice

The No.1 success factor in healthcare practice - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

Knowing How is Not Enough I’ve been working with private health practitioners for over 7 years now, helping them get their heads round marketing so that they can grow or evolve their practice, and create a life they love. In that time I’ve worked with, talked to and presented in front of 1,000’s of health…

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The Easy Old Days of Marketing are Over

The Easy Old Days of Marketing are Over - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog (3)

Each time I spot repetition in the questions people ask me, I set out to write a blog post about it, so that the next time, I can just direct people to the blog, provide them with a more complete answer and save me time. Win – Win ! (Top Tip – this is how you…

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Six Reasons Your Healthcare Practice isn’t Growing

't Growing - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

I see it all the time in healthcare practices, people are working really hard but feel they are not getting very far. They work hard at attracting new patients, developing their clinical skills, finding great products to sell, building a brand, recruiting team members, understanding social media and a hundred other things besides. Despite all…

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