6 Boundaries Every Health Practitioner Should Set in their Practice

Six boundaries every health professional should set in their practice - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

Whether we are training our children, our pets or our partners, the one thing that will have the biggest impact on our chances of success, is having boundaries. Our ability to set them and be consistent with sticking to them, is game changing. In every healthcare practice the practitioners, the support team & the patients have…

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Should I Put Prices on My Website?

Should I Put the Prices on My Website- - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

One subject that comes up time and time again in discussions between health professionals, is should I put prices on my website? Sadly there is no straight forward answer to this question, but hopefully today’s blog will inform your decision & help you serve your dream patients better. Should you put prices front & centre on…

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Building Happy into Your Health Practice

Building Happy Into Your Practice - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing Blog

There’s a conversation I want to start. It’s a conversation I feel could make the difference in the lives of so many health practice owners, yet it’s a conversation people are shy to have. It’s a conversation I’d love you to join in with. What do you think? Are you actively building happiness in, and unhappiness…

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Oversubscribed – How to get people lining up to do business with you (Book Review)

Oversubscribed a book review - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing (1)

Oversubscribed is not your regular marketing text book, it isn’t a book about how to get more sales, or how to attract a steady stream of new customers. Instead it teaches you how to position yourself, as a very desirable seller in your industry, but it’s much more than that as well. The Concept of…

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What to do About Negative Google Reviews for Your Practice

What to do about negative Google reviews - Jill Woods Healthcare Marketing

Understanding what to do about negative Google reviews can alleviate a lot of stress for health practitioners. It isn’t complicated to understand or difficult to take the right action – it just might require a shift in your thinking. Lots of practitioners who are relatively new to the digital world (and some who aren’t) are…

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