Achieving Your Goals – Trying a different path

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Achieving Your Goals - Try a different pathAchieving your goals can feel like an uphill battle at times, and as healthcare practitioners we are often really hard on ourselves for missing an opportunity or procrastinating about taking action to move us forward.

We often get fixated on achieving something by doing something this way or the way you’ve seen someone else achieve the same thing.

But in reality that may not work for us.


This year I want to get a lot fitter. I’ve set myself the challenge of being able to run 10k with ease anytime I choose. To do this I know I need to get up early (to miss the heat of the day) and put in some miles. However, sometimes I just don’t feel like doing that, but if I’m open to other ways of thinking, I can vary my work out & still get to the same end goal.


So many healthcare practitioners are kind to their patients & tough on themselves, beating themselves up for not achieving their goals.
In this video I want to make the case for being kinder on ourselves when it comes to achieving our goals, by accepting that there are multiple different paths to get us to the same end goal. We don’t have to take the same path everyone else is on we can do it differently but still achieve great things.

Achieving Your Goals – Trying a Different Path



Hopefully that has given you some food for thought about how you can achieve something amazing but not by necessarily taking the path you initially thought you needed to to get the result you want.


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