My Philosophy

My philosophy in life & in business is you need to hula hoop it.

In other words you should be filling it with things and people that :

  • Make you laugh - you can't hula without at least smiling


  • Challenge you - have you seen the rhythmic gymnasts with a hoop ?


  • Show you, you can achieve something - that many people can't


  • Give you back what you put in - the hoop will keep moving if you do


  • Keep you mentally & physically healthy - try hulaing outside for 20 mins!


  • You get positivity from - such a buzz when you finally crack it


My desire in my business is to help as many practitioners as possible, reach out and help as many patients as possible, whilst building a happy (hula hooping) practice & life.

Underpinning that, I want to help as many health practitioners as possible start their marketing journey on a sound footing. Too many are being spammed & blagged out of sizeable chunks of money by marketing and website “gurus” who don’t really understand the health sector and deliver poor quality and ineffective learning or products, and promise things they can never deliver.

My strategy is to publish masses of free foundation level marketing information online, to help educate practitioners. I use my blog, social media, other peoples blogs and downloads or mini courses so that practitioners can access learning in a way that suits them. They then become marketing savvy enough to spot the charlatans, dodge them and find genuine marketing coaches to work with and take them & their practice to the next marketing level.

Some of them even choose to work with us - happy days !

I hope that makes sense.