My aim in my business

is to help you

create happiness & success

in yours.

I get it. You're passionate about being a practitioner, you love your patients (well some of them), you're overflowing with ideas to develop your practice,


You're not in love with where you are now in your practice, you know things could be better but you feel stuck and don't know where or how to make the next move.

You're in the practice fog.

Well, I want to tell you, you are not alone and this is not a permanent state.
I have a solution or two for you.

I'm Jill Woods and I've been in your shoes. I ran my own healthcare practice for 6 years and I was fortunate to work in marketing & PR before I became a practitioner, so I know there is a way through the fog.

My passion now is helping other health professionals to wrap their heads around marketing, create clarity in their vision and use both to help them build a practice and life they love.

I now bundle all of my experience and expertise into helping practitioners just like you, grow their marketing confidence, develop a practice they love and tell the world about it.

Through my flagship programme Practice Momentum Accelerator, I give health practitioners clear marketing "how to" and actionable practice building tactics so they can attract many more dream patients and create a practice and life they love.

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If you're here to find out a bit more about us READ ON . . . .

About Us - a small but special team !

Meet the Team

I founded the business almost by accident in 2011 and worked by myself for a while, learning as I went and spinning as many plates as I could. Eventually, I realised the benefits of delegating the things I'm not good at or don't enjoy doing. Fast forward six years and we are a growing team & this is us.

Our Mission

To help healthcare professionals grow their marketing confidence, work with more passion, help more patients, create more profit in their practices and more happiness in their lives.

Our Ethos

  • Happiness trumps every other card
  • Honesty comes a very close second
  • Everything can be figured out
  • Everyone can learn this stuff
  • Following your dreams is compulsory
  • More listening, less talking


I have been delighted to find a second career in social media and now have over 6 years of experience managing brand accounts. The strategy and planning stage for each new account is a really exciting time, I love a new project but also love the connection I feel with several accounts that I have managed over lots of years.

I have previously worked as a radiographer in the NHS treating people with cancer. The transferable skills like caring, communication and team work have really benefited my work within marketing. I really care about making sure I provide the best service possible.

With 2 boys who are growing fast, there isn’t much down time but I always find the minute needed to reply to tweets especially during my children’s swimming lessons.

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Jo

The time of year she likes the most:
“I love all times of year but to pick one would be Summer because of days on the beach in flip flops.”

Her favourite ice cream flavour:
“Ice cream cannot be anything other than chocolate!”

The gadget she would most love to own:
“Right now I would like an iPad — please!”

Her first car:
“Vauxhall Nova”

Dog or cat?

Her dream holiday:
“Camper vanning around Canada” (vanning — did she just make that up?)

The best thing she did at school:
“Made friends”

The characteristic she likes most in people:

Me - Jill

I’m a Podiatrist through training, a marketer through experience and a virtual business owner through necessity. After a gap year that started with working as a ski instructor in Switzerland and ending four years later in corporate marketing & PR, I started training to be a Podiatrist with one goal in mind - to run my own practice. To cut a very long story short, one bachelors and one masters degree, a lecturing career, four of my own businesses (including a private practice and an internet company), 13 houses and a lot of learning later, here I am; championing marketing, mindset and momentum to help health practitioners create practices and lives they love.

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Me

The time of year I like most:
“Spring, when the flowers come up and the sun shines, you know you’ve turned the corner”

My favourite ice cream flavour:
“Ice cream! I wish, lactose intolerance!”

The gadget I would most love to own:
“Not sure an iMac is a gadget, isn’t it essential?”

My first car:
“Fiat Cinquecento – I know what you’re thinking, but it was cool at the time . . . I think.”

Dog or cat?
“Cat definitely – so much less fuss than a dog”

My dream holiday:
“Anywhere quiet, scenic, remote, rural and sunny I haven’t been before”

The best thing I did at school:
“School ski trips!”

The characteristic I like most in people:


Prior to having a family I spent 14 years working in a variety of Buying + Merchandising departments, responsible for everything from women's clothing to Christmas decorations!. I was very fortunate to be able to spend the next 5 years at home with my children, before having the opportunity to use my merchandising and retailing skills in a new area of digital marketing. I am really enjoying this new challenge, particularly analysing data to identify opportunities to improve business performance.

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Louise

Favourite time of year:
"Spring. I love seeing all the bluebells and snowdrops in my local woods."
Favourite ice cream:
"Ben+Jerry's choc chip cookie dough"
"I love cooking so one day I will own a range cooker. Need a bigger kitchen first!"
First Car:
"A limited edition Triumph Dolomite"
Dog or Cat:
"Cats every time. I have two named after Tibetan monasteries I visited!"
Dream holiday:
"I would love to visit Bhutan one day"
Best thing about school/university:
"Learning to become independent"
The characteristic I like most in people:
"Contentment. Something my amazing daughter has taught me"


The fact that James made it onto the team is testament to the power of social media. James made contact with me via Twitter enquiring about our holiday cottage (my other business). Then followed a period of negotiation when we realised he was a videographer and wanted to stay in the cottage. The end result is that James is now on board and sharing his wisdom to help you get to grips with the powerful medium of video. He shares how to film them and how to use them to market your practice.

If you come along to one of our video workshops you’ll get to benefit from James’ expertise first hand. Be warned he is the epitome of British eccentricity — don’t say we didn’t warn you!

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About James

My favourite time of year:
“The summer; I like it hot!”
My favourite ice cream:
“There are very few things I wouldn’t do for Ben and Jerry’s Baked Alaska.”
“Rocket pack without doubt. Would be a much more stylish way to arrive at shoots.”
My first car:
“Landrover Defender 110 aka ‘Beatrice’ ”
Dog or cat:
“Definitely cat, I do like dogs as well, but find the nonchalant disdain of cats rather comical. Plus they walk themselves.”
My dream holiday:
“Trekking in Nepal, something I definitely aspire to doing for real.”
Best thing about I did at school:
“Winning the Wordsworth writer’s prize in the same term that I got the record for most number of detentions in any one term.”
The characteristic I like most in people:
“Warmness, humour and enthusiasm!”

Just so you know that I wasn’t joking and that he genuinely is a bit mad!

The Voices on the End of the Phone

Because I can’t always be available to pick up the phone when you call, I use the services of a wonderful organisation called Enterprising Office. They are a community interest company (a social enterprise) employing people connected with the UK military community who otherwise might find it difficult to find employment. They provide virtual office services including call answering, which is exactly what I need. So, if you call & I can’t pick up the phone, one of the lovely people at Enterprising Office will take your message & make sure it gets passed to me & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh & if you're on the lookout for a virtual reception service you might want to give them a call because they could help you. They're working for a few of my clients now.

Ask for Nicola Ash and be sure to tell her I sent you.

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