Life should make you happy & that includes your healthcare practice!

I'm here to help you, build happy into your practice, with marketing & personal know how.

My job is to cut through the clutter & the waffle, giving you what you need, to get to where you want to be, in as short a time as possible.

Marketing, mindset & momentum for health practitioners running a business.

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Dianne Ashcroft

Are you struggling to drag your marketing plan from old outdated habits of neglected websites or worse still traditional advertising models like yellow pages?
Well Jill is just the girl to awaken your creativity to dream big, energise your attitude and enable you to meet the challenge of marketing in the year we live in. 
Her energy and enthusiasm was just what I needed to fire me up and drag my outdated ideas into the modern age. 

Dianne Ashcroft Lane Ends Podiatry

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Alastair Dall

Jill has transformed how I market my practice for the better. She is extremely knowledgeable, incredibly easy to work with and has a clear passion for what she does. I’d recommend Jill to any healthcare provider looking to market their practice more effectively.

Alastair Dall Sports Podiatry Scotland

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